Anglo-French Interpreter

More than 25 years of experience of living, trading and working in both France and the United Kingdom.

Anglo-French Interpreter & Facilitator

I have very significant experience in interpreting & facilitating for business and private clients in a huge variety of areas from international media and industry engagements to more individual or private family affairs. If you are having difficulties with anything anglo-french then I should be able to assist you. I can translate in real time simply what you the client says or (more often) you explain in advance what your objectives are and I then interpret & facilitate the meeting(s) with you to attain those aims. 

Anglo-French Negotiator in France

I have negotiated many hundreds of contracts and agreements over the last 25 years in both France and the United Kingdom in many cases acting as Project Manager for the people involved.  From complexe agreements with the BBC or football player transfer contracts to property & insurance claim difficulties or dealing with administrative procedures.. my English & French language skills and « hands on » business experience in both countries make me a useful person to have on board if you’re thinking of doing business or running a project in France.

French Administration Support & Mediation

People coming to trade or live in France often under estimate the complexity of the French Administration services which can be very frustrating - it can help to have someone to help to guide you along. Although I do not give any Financial or Legal advice (as unqualified to do so) I do regularily assist people with  general help and support as  Interpreter and Mediator.